Customer WhatsApp Messaging for Accountants & Bookkeepers

Delight accountancy & bookkeeping customers by introducing WhatsApp messaging as a communication channel, using the ClientWindow app and our seamless email integration for your teams.
  • Integrate customer WhatsApp chats with your business systems.
  • Automatically send WhatsApp attachments to Dext, AutoEntry and Hubdoc.
  • Seamlessly orchestrate conversations between customers on popular messaging apps and your relationship teams who use business-level communication tools including email and Microsoft Teams.
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Amazing, thank you!
10:18 am
No problem, I will share these with you on WhatsApp once they are finalized.
10:18 am
Great stuff Daryl.
10:17 am
Hey Jayne. I've checked with the team and you can expect to have these on Friday
10:16 am
Hi Daryl. Are my accounts finalised?
10:02 am

Integrating customer WhatsApp messaging with your business email accounts

Our robust WhatsApp integration allows customers to conveniently interact with their accountants & bookkeepers from their favourite messaging app whilst also ensuring these providers maintain the necessary levels of security, retention and team access.

Internal participants of customer WhatsApp conversations can receive those WhatsApp messages as emails, and if those internal teams then reply from there, those replies will be delivered back to the customer as WhatsApp messages, including any documents that may have been attached to those emails.


ClientWindow has been built to enable accountants to engage more effectively with their increasingly digital customers, where interaction via convenient messaging tools and any-time access to information via smartphone apps is becoming both essential and the norm.

Chat Messaging

Offer customers a more convenient way to interact with your team, both for short impromptu messages and on longer conversational threads.
  • Integrated customer WhatsApp conversations
  • Read and reply from our desktop and mobile apps
  • Receive and reply to WhatsApp chats via email

Invoices & Receipts capture

Allow customers to conveniently send their invoices and receipts to your firm via WhatsApp, with automatic routing of these to the following document processing platforms:
  • Dext
  • AutoEntry
  • Hubdoc
Customers will no longer need to install apps on their phones to manage the document capture process, saving them time and creating a stronger relationship with your business.
coming soon

Automated Information Requests

Requesting information from customers has typically been a disconnected and manual process. ClientWindow offers access to editable online questionnaires that your customers can complete for all types of information gathering, including tax self-assessment, VAT/GST returns and even on-boarding and customer survey forms.
  • Drag and Drop Form Builder
  • Form Templates
  • Questionnaire Status Reporting
ClientWindow can invite customers to complete questionnaires via both WhatsApp and email invites.


ClientWindow has been built to enable accountants to engage more effectively with their increasingly digital customers, for whom interaction via convenient messaging apps, such as WhatsApp, and fast access to information on-the-go via smartphones is becoming essential.

Delight your customers

  • Enables customers to chat with their accountants on the messaging tool they prefer
  • Allows for shorter and more informal accountancy related conversations
  • Builds stronger relationships through more regular contact
  • Offer customers a single interface via WhatsApp for messaging and uploading bookkeeping documents

Security & data retention

  • WhatsApp and In-App chat messages retained and backed-up for future retrieval
  • Chat message access restricted to appropriate internal and external teams
  • Enterprise-level WhatsApp integration
  • Encrypted data at rest and in transit
  • Robust Cloud-based storage for chat messages and customer documents

Business growth tool

  • Meet pent-up customer demand for more convenient digital interactions
  • Create competitive advantage over more traditional providers
  • Build deeper relationships with customers using our conversational chat features
  • Retain existing customers for longer
  • Win new business based on your modern, mobile-centric, and convenient services

Pick the perfect plan for your team

Our plans are built for teams of all sizes, from single user firms to multi-national organisations.
(20% Saving)


For smaller firms needing to centralise WhatsApp communication with private clients and business owners.
Start Essentials Plan
Essentials Plan Features
  • From 25 customer accounts
  • Unlimited Team Members & Customer Contacts
  • WhatsApp Business Platform account
  • Centralised WhatsApp conversations
  • Integration with Dext, AutoEntry & Hubdoc
  • Team-wide message visibility
  • Granular conversation security
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Message encryption & secure cloud storage
  • Web & Mobile Apps for your teams
  • Manual Onboarding
  • Business hours email support


For larger firms who require integration with business-level communication software & other messaging apps.
Start Pro Plan
Pro Plan Features
  • All Essentials features, plus:
  • From 50 customer accounts
  • Automated Requests for Information
  • Receive chats as messages in email/Teams/Slack
  • Reply to chats from email/Teams/Slack
  • Connect WeChat/Telegram/Facebook Messenger
  • Connect multiple WhatsApp Business accounts
  • Guided onboarding
  • Business hours support via calls and email


For firms needing bespoke integrations, direct access to our messaging technology, or white labelling options.
Bespoke Pricing
Enterprise Plan Features
  • All Pro features, plus:
  • Multi-platform chat messaging API
  • Bespoke integrations
  • White Labelling options
  • Premium 24-7 support


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